One girl's quest for the perfect sweater

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Hey so remember Freeda? That cyclops monster girl I drew yesterday?

Well I colored her! Aaaand once again I had so much fun experimenting that I couldn’t choose between the multiple styles so I just saved and posted them all because I can jdfdfhbgjhgbI’msorry

Anyway, yes.

This is Princess Freeda. She’s also kind of a brat. I figured she should be purple both because it’s the initial color I thought of for her and because it symbolizes royalty so yay it works!

While drawing Freeda my imagination was running wild and then OOPS I CAME UP WITH A BUNCH MORE CYCLOPS MONSTER BABBIES

and I will be posting them shortly c:

art, concept, and Freeda (c) Red-Hime (me)

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