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Well, Hi there! The name’s Red Hime. But you can call me Red, or Hime, or Himebagels, or even Widdlefids! Heck! I don’t care what you call me! (as long as it isn’t intentionally mean or hurtful of course)
Welcome to my Tumblr! Along with my account on DeviantART, I’ll be posting some of my nonsensical doodles/sketches and WIP’s on here. I hope you like what you see! And if you do, then please feel free to leave me comments, questions, feedback, and/or helpful critique. All are welcome and greatly appreciated. Or if you just want to say “Hi!” that’s cool too. I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends! <3 Also, reblogging. Lots and lots of reblogging.
Enjoy your stay!

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Things I reblog/fandoms I enjoy: Silly/ridiculous things, cute/adorable things, animals, inventions, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, MLP:FIM, Adventure Time, Avatar The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Pokemon, Digimon, various animes that I enjoy, video games, buckets of cartoons, shows, and movies that I enjoy, Homestuck, other amazing artists, animations, Holiday related things (mainly Christmas and Halloween since they are my favorites), music, Youtube videos

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  2. z0mbiraptor said: Hime, why you draw so cute? >w< Seriously guys she is pretty cool and nice online friend to me! Go check her art is worth it! She reblogs many cool things and hilarious stuff!
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