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Anonymous asked: stop being shy


I can’t just top being shy, anon 

it’s kind of hard for me to not be shy

But I have been getting better at being more assertive sometimes!…I think..

I probably need to try harder though djgbjdhbI’msorry

Filed under Red answers things anon asks how how do you just stop being shy I mean sometimes I really wish I wasn't shy but I am I can't help it djkfnbgh I'msorry I just don't really know how to answer this?? I'msorrysjdfbjhdf

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Anonymous asked: plum pink



you have crush on me..?

but..I’m also your enemy?

Does that mean you see me as your kismesis…?

I’m sorry I’m sorry

I’m a homestuck dork heh ^ ^;;

but uh..I’m a little confused and not entirely sure how to..respond to this..

I don’t..



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