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Anonymous asked: hey red - I like your art. yer good, y'know? sooooo stop apologizing all the time cause sumpins messy or not purrfekt. if you put it out there -- OWN it! no apologies, no whinin'. tell the universe *THIS IS WHAT I DID! DEAL WITH IT. if u think you can do better, then do another one another day another way. but don't ask our permission for you to like yer own stuff. (jokes are ok, tho' not at yer own expense cause then it soundz like yer just fishin for Compliments.) yer good girl-more art pls!



ohman what a nice message, thank you anon! ;w;

You’re right I..guess I do apologize a lot and..well I guess I need to work on that heh

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work and I find myself plagued by self doubt and baseless fears

which is usually why I find myself apologizing so much :c

But! I know that I’ve been improving so hopefully I can grow to be more confident and happy with my work! (and apologize less skdjfsdhb)

I’m really really glad to hear that you like my stuff, though anon! Like, seriously messages like this never fail to make my day c:

SO ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE! If there is one thing this blog shall never run short of, it’s my ridiculous doodles! \o/

but seriously

/;w;/ <3

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