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My friends and I were in our dorm basement looking for stuff to watch on Netflix and lo and behold we found ourselves a BIRDEEMIIIIC

Out of curiosity we pressed play and ohmyGOD

One of the best worst movies I have ever seen

it’s just



man I don’t even have words for it

Anyone who hasn’t seen Birdemic just needs to go watch it right the frick now. 


I mean dang just look at that amazing cinematography 

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Anonymous asked: Do you think I should get to know my crush better before I ask them out?

Whoa what sudden romantic advice?



Personally, I would recommend getting to know them better. Maybe try to develop a friendship with them and see if you’re still interested in dating them at that point, or if you realize that you’re better remaining just friends. 

That’s probably how I would handle it but! I am a cautious person when it comes to these kinds of things, and if you don’t feel this is the right way for you to handle it then that’s totally fine too!

On the other hand, if you’re feeling comfortable enough with this person and you feel like you want to take a leap of faith then go ahead and ask them out! The worst that can happen is that they turn you down which, of course, would suck for a bit but there will be plenty of other crushes to be had in your lifetime. If, you don’t end up dating you could still be just friends! Albeit there might be a little awkwardness at first but these situations are only as awkward as you make them, really.

Basically, it comes down to how comfortable both you and this person are around each other. If you feel like it might be too soon and you’re scared of freaking them out or just getting a bad reaction, then go with your gut and be patient for a bit. But, if you feel like there’s no time like the present then I say yeah go for it!

Ultimately, the decision is up to you! Just, don’t sweat over it too much okay? 

I’m sorry if my response was too rambly but I hope I managed to help in some fashion!

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Anonymous asked: THEY ARE THE PERFECT ROBOT i want to smooch their screen and hold their hand and tell them they are cute and draw them stuff but i can't they are seeing someone else sighs

Awman that’s a bummer :c

But! At least you can be their friend and still draw them things and tell them they’re cute, right?

It’s not the same as a romantic relationship, but friendship is still pretty great!

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Anonymous asked: would you have sex in a cosplay?




If I liked my relationship partner enough to have sex with him, and if he wanted us to cosplay then I might give it a try.

Lets just say that I am open to the idea but it really depends on a lot of things.

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Anonymous asked: Hey Red! For Tmi Tuesday, do you have any kinks? If so, what are some of them?

Hey, anon!

Unfortunately, I am going to have to give you a boring answer because I don’t really have any kinks.

Or rather.. I don’t have much knowledge or confidence when it comes to my supposed “sexual side” so I honestly have no idea if I have any kinks or what they are!

so um



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