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z0mbieraptor asked: I want to know about the dragon girl of yours. Does she has a name?

Yes! Yes she does!

Her name is Penelope and she is a Book Keeper. She’s only a few inches tall and she lives in a library.

Penelope can change her size using magic but only for limited amounts of time. For the most part though, she prefers staying small because she likes to sleep between the pages of her favorite books.

As a Book Keeper, she can hear their stories whispering through the covers and it lulls her to sleep.

The books in her library are imbued with powerful magic and as a result are more or less alive to her. She’s cares for them by mending their bindings, dusting their covers, organizing them so they are where they are happiest, and making sure all of their stories are read and heard.

Penelope’s library is her greatest love, her passion, and her home. 

If there is any soul out there who needs information, a good story, or just an escape from reality, she will be sure to find the perfect book for you.

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z0mbieraptor asked: I was wondering that Isaac jean is baggy, is he use to it by walking with those baggy pants or he just flies?

Ahaha well actually that was just a trait that was used in the description of the monster generator! Which was the first time I drew him! But, over time, his personality has changed and now the baggy pants aren’t really a huge part of his outfit anymore. I mean, they’re still kind of baggy but they aren’t hanging down and showing off his boxers haha

He can’t fly for long periods of time because he’s still an air spirit in training and actually flying high above the ground and for long distances takes up quite a bit of energy. 

He mainly just hovers above the ground and floats around people’s heads.

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Anonymous asked: Issac, do you like birds and what place do you like best?

Birds are AWESOME

We’re like practically cousins!

okay not really

But, still birds are some pretty cool dudes! They make lots of funny noises and come in all these crazy colors and not to mention they can fly! Some birds are even blue! Those birds are the best. And some birds are not only blue but they have the word blue in their NAME HOW GREAT IS THAT!

They can be a pain too though… Like when they try to steal my food  

or when they poop

bird poop is gross..

Oh! And I have lots of favorite places so I can’t really choose but one time Louis took me to this human gathering place called a “mall” and it was GREAT! There were tons of people to talk to and they had entire rooms full of funny costumes and hats and some of them were even BLUE!

He told me I couldn’t fly in there though so that was pretty lame but there were so many interesting humans there and I definitely want to go back!

Louis said “maybe.”

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Anonymous asked: If Ursa eats, what are his favorite things to eat?

Seeing as how he’s a constellation, technically he probably doesn’t have to eat.


That’s boring so I’m saying he does yeh

I can imagine Ursa having some strange food preferences. I think he would be pretty fond of sweet things, cold things, and sour things. 

I think his favorite desert would probably be ice cream. 

Ooh! And he likes to experiment and make strange food combinations! Like he’ll add random junk foods to his ice cream as toppings or make really weird sandwiches like tuna pickles and peanut butter

a lot of his combinations end up being pretty gross though so he throws them away and wastes food (what a bad burr)

but he keeps experimenting anyway because he does what he wants

he also tries to implement ice cream into as many of his ridiculous recipes as possible because dang that child likes ice cream

Ursa hates spicy things though so no jalapenos in his carefully crafted dishes thank you very much

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z0mbieraptor asked: What does Beri like to do?

Have conversations! Beri loves to meet new people and/or creatures and engage them in lengthy and informational conversations! Her kind are telepathic. They live off the ideas and thoughts of others so they are very social.

For example,  she doesn’t eat but instead /consumes/ the “idea” of food. She doesn’t really even need to eat but she does it anyway

mainly because she enjoys it and likes the way some foods look

like pretty fruits and cakes n’stuff… 

She can sustain herself well enough on friendly conversation and stories. As a result of this, she is also a great listener.

She also likes to draw a lot! She’s not the best artist but she and Mute sometimes have picture conversations by taking turns drawing on his notepad. ‘Snorts usually joins in at some point by either licking or eating the paper.

If there aren’t any people around or conversations to be had, then she’ll probably either sleep or scavenge for some books to read. 

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pandafrenetico asked: Tell me everything you can/want to about Mute I=D



As his name states he can’t speak. He’s not telepathic like Beri though. He communicates by writing and drawing on a notepad which he always carries around.
If Mute were to ever open his mouth
bad things would happen

and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter for now hohoho

Despite his appearance he is not a clown or mime. He just likes stripes and happens to have a large nose. 
He usually doesn’t show much expression and to be honest no one is even sure if he has eyes. They assume that he does but it would probably be rude to ask or check.
Despite his aloof behavior, he is a very sweet and shy fellow. He and Beri are usually seen together so it is assumed that they are good friends (they pretty much are)
The fact that neither of them opens their mouths to speak was probably a good way to bond. Mute is fairly tall and lanky with stretchy and expandable limbs.


also here is a more updated reference sheet thing

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