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Today I found out something magical, while doing some visual research for houses in Japan during the 40 - 50’s I remember the house from My Neighbor Totoro. The film itself took place during the late 50’s, but regardless I always felt a great attachment to the house because of how much I watched My Neighbor Totoro as a child…

Apparently, someone had the most lovely idea to make this house real. Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan has beautifully recreated the iconic home. What’s cool, even though it’s just a display it’s a real house. You can explore it, look through every room, nook, cranny, cupboard, and hallway. You can interact with the props inside and just be able to move about the house freely. Makes you wonder how many kids pretended to be Satsuki and Mei. :3

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My childhood is too busy screaming to make a proper comment.

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