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jesuschristwasanonlychild asked: BERI AND MUTE SEEM INTERESTING. Okay what are some of their respective pet peeves, do they have any fears, and up until now what is the most notable thing either of them has done. ovo


Beri doesn’t get angry very easily. She’s a very amiable and cheerful person! But, one of her biggest pet peeves is interruptions. Whether it be during a casual conversation or a riveting story it really bugs her A LOT. Her kind are telepathic and they thrive off of speech and the thoughts of others. So for her it would be like interrupting a meal which she finds very rude.

She’s a little hypocritical though because sometimes when she’s super excited she can’t help but interrupt stories herself with her own questions. But, after realizing what she’s done she’ll apologize profusely and mentally reprimand herself.

Some of Beri’s biggest fears are abandonment and small enclosed spaces. She’s a little claustrophobic but it only applies if she’s by herself. If she’s stuck with someone else in a small space then she’ll be fine….though probably not very comfortable.

As long as Beri is with other’s or knows that there are other’s nearby then she’s fine. Total solitude/abandonment is one of her greatest fears because with no one’s thoughts to feed off of or conversations to enjoy it would mean the eventual and literal death of her. She could live off of her own thoughts and mental conversations with herself for only so long before being completely drained.


As his name states, Mute is a quiet guy. In fact, he can’t ever open his mouth. 

One of his greatest pet peeves would probably be when he can’t find his beloved notepad

or if his pencil breaks.

also he hates when he’s compared to or called a clown or mime

He’s not entirely sure what either of those are but it always seems to be implied in an insulting or mocking tone so of course he doesn’t like it

Mute is very protective of his friends and he and Beri have a pretty close almost sibling-like relationship. So, don’t hurt her in any way or make her cry

cuz he’ll probably punch you

Mute fears the loss of his friends but his greatest fear is what is inside of him

it’s the reason he can’t ever open his mouth

As for notable things that these two have done I can’t really delve into that just yet because *SPOILERS*

sorry uwu

but I CAN say that both Beri and Mute have a mutual fear of someone

if he can even be called a person

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Anonymous asked: Issac, do you like birds and what place do you like best?

Birds are AWESOME

We’re like practically cousins!

okay not really

But, still birds are some pretty cool dudes! They make lots of funny noises and come in all these crazy colors and not to mention they can fly! Some birds are even blue! Those birds are the best. And some birds are not only blue but they have the word blue in their NAME HOW GREAT IS THAT!

They can be a pain too though… Like when they try to steal my food  

or when they poop

bird poop is gross..

Oh! And I have lots of favorite places so I can’t really choose but one time Louis took me to this human gathering place called a “mall” and it was GREAT! There were tons of people to talk to and they had entire rooms full of funny costumes and hats and some of them were even BLUE!

He told me I couldn’t fly in there though so that was pretty lame but there were so many interesting humans there and I definitely want to go back!

Louis said “maybe.”

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pandafrenetico replied to your post: pandafrenetico replied to your post: you guys…

Oh then hmm what does Ursa like to do for fun? And idk you said he had something big to release or something that sounded menacing lol Just a very interesting character considering he doesn’t have words to communicate and needs to other ways

Ursa likes to hang out with his bro Eris and and go on attempted pranking sprees

I say attempted because most of their schemes fail horribly

Ursa’s quiet so he can be sneaky but his constant glowing kind of ruins everything….especially at night.

But Red, they’re in space so it’s always dar-SHHHHHHHIRRELEVANT 

When he’s not trying to be mischievous, he enjoys reading, sleeping*cough*hibernating*cough*, and making various concoctions and experimental dishes in the kitchen.

Oh yes from your last question! 

Basically Mute can’t open his mouth ever and I can’t tell you why yet because spoilers uwu

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z0mbieraptor asked: Louis's sister the one with rainbow highlights did she dyed it or she is born with it? Also who is the main character in your comic you are planning and tell me about him or her. :)

She dyes them! She dyes them lots of different colors and her current favorite is rainbow. c:

The main character is Louis!

Louis is a 15 year old Grumpy McGrumpypants

at least that’s what his sister calls him but it’s totally true

He’s a sarcastic, irritable, little freckled jerk and he takes his schoolwork very seriously. He’s kind of on the short side but he’s not THAT short

he just slouches a lot

His hair and clothes are usually pretty disheveled but that’s mainly because most of his clothes are hand me downs that are too big for him.  

He also greatly dislikes animals which makes working in a pet shelter that much more sucky and only gives him more things to complain about yaaay

He and his two older sisters run a Pet Shelter for the stray animals they find. It also doubles as a Curio/Antique shop which resides in the back. Louis prefers to stay back there and catalog the items rather then go near the animals, but he thinks it’s creepy and doesn’t stay for long. Basically, he can find a reason to dislike or complain about anything and everything gosh what a talent! So he tries to sneak out a lot to avoid his work duties. That or he uses his mountains of homework as an excuse.

SOMEHOW despite his constant sour mood he has managed to amass some friends

or rather people that won’t leave him alone and annoy him to no end just like everything else


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shitota said: He’s very cute :D so Simivian would be like .. FLYING MONKEYS?/shot can they fly when they get older? It would be an effective way of running away from bad masters XP

Aw thank you! :>


Simivians are usually very light so some can fly a little. Usually though, they tend to glide or jump up very high and catch a wind current on their wings. In the forests of their home country, they would swing and glide from treetop to treetop. While they probably couldn’t fly away from abusive masters they could avoid them with their acrobatic and balancing skills. There was an instance where a Simivian servant escaped to the very top of his masters’ mansion, caught a wind current, and glided to the forests beyond. After that though, it became a tradition to clasp heavy anklets on Simivians. The anklets literally “ground” them and they’re a common symbol of their servitude.  

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